Saturday, May 02, 2009

While daddy was away

...we kept ourselves VERY busy! Mommy knew we wouldn't make it if we weren't distracted by lots of activities :o).

On Monday, we met Meredith and Reid and Terry and Maggie for lunch and then played a bit in these cute little houses in the Villages of Allen. SO fun!! Of course, by the time I pulled out the camera, Emmy and Reid both had "diaper situations" and weren't in the mood for pics :o). Oh well...we definitely still had a lot of fun. And sweet Hayden had fun chatting with the mommies while the kiddos played.

On Tuesday , we traveled over to Pierce's house for a little playdate. And a bonus for Hayden...Kristen gets to keep sweet Lily Kate during the day and she is the perfect playmate for Hayden! They were SOOOO interested in each other and kept reaching for each other. It was precious. Of course, Em and Pierce had fun too...they even got to have a picnic on the floor with the mommies. Super treat! But they were NOT so into the picture opp :o).

And then, get excited...Kennedy invited us to Chuck E Cheeses for her "last night out" before becoming a big sister. The mommies couldn't believe it had been exactly six months since our last time there...when it was mommy who was about to pop and one of Em's last nights out before becoming a big sister. Time flies!!!

Wednesday was Wonderful!!! We met mommy's college roomie, Julie, for lunch at the Purple Cow. Perfect place for kiddos. And thank goodness for that...between Emmy continually on the move, Hayden pulling mommy's ENTIRE coke into her lap and Hayden getting fussy, thank goodness we were in a kid-friendly place! But, we had fun (and hopefully didn't scare Julie too much :o). We had so much fun that we talked her into coming over for the evening too. She was SO helpful to mommy with baths, jammies, stories, playing beauty shop and tucking kiddos in bed. And she and mommy stayed up talking forever. Simply Wonderful.

Thursday was a big day around here...Briggs was born!!! We spent most of our day at the hospital with only a short break at home for lunch and naps. It was a wonderfully happy day and we were thrilled to be a part :o)

On Friday (he's almost home!) we were planning to spend some time with some of our favorites...Sharee and Tristian, but poor little Tristian wasn't feeling that well. We're were sad because last week we missed him because WE were sick...but we have high hopes for next week :o). So we just did what girls do best...some shopping!!! We hit Garden Ridge and Home Depot to get ready for Part 2 of the Backyard re-do (pics coming soon). Hayden went to bed early so Emmy and mommy got to watch a movie before bed. And we spent the rest of the evening counting down the minutes until daddy got home. Whew...busy and fun week...but glad we got our daddy back!


Wow...I just realized as I wrote this all out...OF COURSE we missed our daddy all week and nothing could replace him, but how wonderfully has God blessed us with such sweet friends!?! I truly treasure what God has given us...we are abundently blessed!!!