Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday!

I'm TWO, I'm TWO! So exciting! Here I am getting tucked in for the very last time as a one-year-old :o).

Mommy and daddy woke me up this morning with a special birthday treat...balloons! I'm starting to think this will happen every year...we'll see!?! But since balloons are my favorite, I'm great with that!

Then we got to open my big present. Mommy had been SO excited about it that she had almost ruined the surprise lots of times, so she was super excited that I loved it...my very own "dress-up" box! I got more and more excited as I pulled each item out...a SuperWoman costume, a few cheerleader costumes, a poodle skirt, lots of tutus and ballerina costumes, lots of hats and jewelry and shoes and purses. We are going to have SO much fun with this! I even made daddy put on some of my favorites :o). Lots of fun to come!

I got to use the "special plate" for breakfast, but I still didn't want to blow out those candles so daddy helped me :o). We had a great time, but then daddy had to go to work.

Mommy and I had a VERY low-key day because mommy was just trying really hard to keep baby sister inside so we didn't have to share a b-day (more on that later) but it was a lot of fun. In fact, we even stayed in our jammies all day :o). We played SO much and mommy let me do pretty much whatever I wanted...good times.

After a nice little nap, we waited for daddy to get home and I got to open one more very special present. Mommy and daddy gave me a special Bible last year and continued the tradition this year. Each year, they will engrave the Bible with a verse they have prayed over me for the year.

And the best part of my birthday...Chuck E Cheese's! Kennedy and her family went with us and it was SO FUN! We ate some pizza and cupcakes and got down to business :o). I loved playing the games and it didn't take me long to start telling daddy, "I need more money". Yep, he's in trouble :o). We ended up with a ton of tickets and Kennedy and I picked some great prizes.

And our family birthday kiss...mommy originally wanted to always do a "birth-minute-kiss" but realized that just isn't going to happen every year (like we did last year) so we'll just do a family kiss instead. The always stick me in the middle!

What a very fun 2nd birthday! I'm such a big girl now :o).