Thursday, October 30, 2008

Practice makes perfect

I've been busy practicing being a great big sister! And our next-door neighbor, Maria, has been helping out. See, she works at the hospital where I was born (and where baby sister will be born) and is able to snag me a few items to practice. I've gotten a little swaddle blanket, several little hats, a teeny-tiny shirt, some I.D. bracelets complete with "Big Sister" and "Baby Sister Rowe" printed on them, little bity diapers and even some hand/footprint inkpads to practice with. I will have it down by the time she actually gets here in the hospital! Here I am practicing with Baby Sister's new teddy, Abby :o).

I'm so excited to meet baby sister!

First, she needs a diaper.

Now she needs a hat.

Don't forget the bracelets!

And swaddle her up...don't I look like a natural!?!