Monday, May 04, 2009

Heartbroken and Hopeful

Just after Emerson turned one, we began sponsoring a Compassion child named Franciely. We started praying for her, writing her and teaching Emmy about this special girl we considered part of our family. We imagined as Emerson and Franciely grew, they could write to each other, become great friends and even hoped to visit her someday. Emerson often prays for her during the day or at night and we speak of her all the time. We have been SO blessed by this precious girl (isn't she adorable!?!)!

Yesterday, we received a letter explaining that Franciely was no longer living in an area supported by Compassion and that we are no longer able to sponsor her. We were so sad and concerned. And when we called to gather any additional information about our precious little girl, we were heartbroken to learn that she has been abandoned by her mother. Fortunately, she is now being taken care of by an aunt, but that's really all we know. We just can't imagine what our sweet little girl must be feeling and our hearts hurt for her. We pray that she will remember how much GOD loves her and know that He will NEVER leave her!! Despite the fact that we will no longer be helping her financially, we will ABSOLUTELY continue to pray for her...for her well-being, her salvation, her health, God's guiding of her life and for happiness. We really do love her like our own!

We know without a doubt that God is in control of this situation and we know He will be with our Franciely. And that is so good. If you will, please pray for Franciely if God lays this on your heart.

Looking forward, we are really excited to see who He will bring into our lives next. We will begin sponsoring two new little girls soon, and are eager to learn all about them. We'll keep you posted! And on a related note, in case you haven't been following this blog or this one...what an incredible thing God is doing through Compassion!!!