Friday, April 20, 2012

Easter Fun with the Formans!

We were SO excited when the Formans invited us over for a little pre-Easter play date!  Egg-hunting, egg dying, LOTS of candy eating and even more sweet memories!!
When we arrived, Tristan was out back hiding all the eggs.  Sweet thing was loving it and did a great job.  Here you can see the kiddos hit the jackpot….he had hidden a HUGE group of the eggs right in this very spot ;).  They all had the best time digging them out & little Miss Kate was so sweet to watch them all and supervise!

It didn’t take long before they were digging into their loot!! Thanks for T and Ms. Sharee for all our goodies!! 
2      1 9 
                              10  35   7 11 8
And now for some dying eggs!  Luckily, Ms. Sharee was on top of things and had all the supplies ready to go.  I’m ashamed to say that none of my kiddos had ever died eggs before so this was new for all of us.  The kiddos all loved getting to chose their colors and really did a pretty good job of waiting for their eggs to get colorful.  I’d say it was a huge success & I’m so glad we got to do this with our friends!