Friday, April 20, 2012

Easter Fun with the Formans!

We were SO excited when the Formans invited us over for a little pre-Easter play date!  Egg-hunting, egg dying, LOTS of candy eating and even more sweet memories!!
When we arrived, Tristan was out back hiding all the eggs.  Sweet thing was loving it and did a great job.  Here you can see the kiddos hit the jackpot….he had hidden a HUGE group of the eggs right in this very spot ;).  They all had the best time digging them out & little Miss Kate was so sweet to watch them all and supervise!

It didn’t take long before they were digging into their loot!! Thanks for T and Ms. Sharee for all our goodies!! 
2      1 9 
                              10  35   7 11 8
And now for some dying eggs!  Luckily, Ms. Sharee was on top of things and had all the supplies ready to go.  I’m ashamed to say that none of my kiddos had ever died eggs before so this was new for all of us.  The kiddos all loved getting to chose their colors and really did a pretty good job of waiting for their eggs to get colorful.  I’d say it was a huge success & I’m so glad we got to do this with our friends!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Daddy’s Girls!


Bless my soul!  They are all so smitten with each other my heart could burst!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Cashing in on a Daddy Date!

For Christmas, the girls and I made "Daddy Date Coupons" for them to give to Scott.  They had so much fun coming up with ideas for their for each month.  Cute ideas and things I wouldn't have ever thought of without them.  Those two sure know and love their daddy!

Well, Hayden just got to cash in one of her dates...Chick-Fil-A Date with Daddy!!  As always, she was MORE than excited and they both gushed about their time together ;).  Scott has been writing little notes about what they do on their dates....what sweet memories they'll share!!

And here are some details I got out of the little lady....

M:  So what did you and daddy talk about on your date!?
H:  Well, we just ate our food.  But some people talked to us and daddy told them that Emmy and Bubba were at home with Momma.
M: And what did y'all eat?
H:  We ate nuggets and daddy got tea and I got chocolate milk.  And we got our OWN fries!  Did I already tell you that?
M:  Wow.  Your own fries, huh?  That sounds special.
H:  Yeah, and then we went to the store to look at trees.  And I got a game at Chick-Fil-A.  See?
M:  Well I'm so glad you had fun!
H:  Yeah.  Did I already tell you we got our OWN fries!?  (Clearly, this meant a lot to our little lady).

The reason our neighbors look at us weird.

Do we live on a golf course?  Nope.  But that doesn't stop us!  Well actually not all of us...mommy won't ride on it because she thinks it could be illegal, but whatever. 

Evening golf cart rides are one of my family's favorite things.  And thanks to one of our CRAZY generous friends who simply GAVE it to us, my kiddos and hubby get to cruise around the neighborhood in style.  They LOVE it.  Plus they're really cute on that thing.  Even if the neighbors do look at us weird ;).

Silly Dreams

Wonder what she's dreaming about?  Must be really good if she's upside down and all sprawled out!  But when I asked, she couldn't remember.

Only a few mornings later, she woke up excited to tell us that she had remembered her dream this time!
"I had the best dream!  I got to go to Heaven and see Jesus and I hugged him SO big!!  I squeezed him so big that his head popped off!"
Well, that's interesting.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Marshmallow Fight!!

When I found this idea on Pinterest, I KNEW we had to do it...quick!  So after daddy had been away on a business trip most of the week, we welcomed him home this way:

Here are the kiddos waiting anxiously!  Bubba gave up and just ate his.  Oh well ;).

Get him!!

There were mashmallows EVERYWHERE!!!  And my sweet little "neat freak" hubby promptly got out the vacuum to clean up our good 'ole family fun!  Ha!


They called me upstairs to watch their little concert, and we ROCKED OUT!!

He's such an adoring fan ;)!

All the way from Houston....

...our Karo & Kbob came last weekend for a visit!  We hadn't seen them since Christmas so we were all really excited they were coming!  And as an extra treat, they came bearing some tools for Lincoln & huge hits for the awesome "Peel & Stick Playing House" pad for Hayden and a paper doll sticker book for Em.  They literally played with these things the entire time the grandparents were here....and kept on even after they  left!  On Friday night, we ate in and played and talked.  It was simple and nice.

On Saturday, we decided to venture over to The Gaylord Texan to have lunch and see the sights.  We'd only been there around Christmas, so we weren't sure it would be as fun without all the lights and decorations, but we were not disappointed!  We all had fun looking at the trains, the kiddos loved the fountains, our lunch was delicious & we just enjoyed being there together!

On Sunday, we all went to church, got some take-out for lunch and hung out for a few more hours before Karo & Kbob had to get on the road.  Short but definitely SWEET time with them!!  Thanks for coming all this way!  We'll see you soon!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Thursday, March 29, 2012


It was a BIG day at Em's preschool on Friday....RODEO Day!!  They've been preparing and anticipating for weeks, so we were pretty excited to get there!  Best part?  Mommy got to have a little 1on1 time with her first born ;).  It's so fun for me to see her in that environment, with all the little buddies she comes home talking about and watching her in action.  I got to be one of the parents for her rotation group and we had the best time with Zeke, Ashely, Em & Zeke's mommy, Dawn!

First up was the Cowboy Relay....up and back, put on a big hat, boots & vest, RUN!! 

Picture frames for their horse photos.  Which brings us to the one bummer of the day...since it was raining cats & dogs, the horse that was supposed to come (and get photoed) had to be cancelled.  But we have been reassured that he WILL return ;).  And I think they had enough fun with the frames all by themselves!

Planting Bluebonnets!

A little gun slinging ;).  This was seriously the neatest toy and they loved "shooting" the items off the fence!

Stick horse & Three-legged Races.  We laughed SO. HARD.  Precious!

And last but certainly not least, some hula hoop roping!  They loved this one.

After all the activities, we got to help out with lunch and then watch the class do an ADORABLE square dance!  I about died watching her first dance with a boy.  (A boy that we love, by the way.  He and his family are friends of ours from church & he is a hoot!)

YEEEE-HAWWWWW, my little Cowgirl!