Wednesday, February 09, 2011, SNOW days!!!

Last week was SO crazy!  It iced and snowed all week.  Needless to say, we were stuck in the house ALL. WEEK. LONG!  So what on earth did we do to stay busy during that CRAZY, wintery week!?! 

Here's the theme...anything we could do without getting out of our jammies.  Ha!

We made an awesome fort with our quilts and daddy's ping pong table.  The flashlights were super fun and all our Toy Story guys loved it too ;).

There were TONS of projects...sock puppets, popsicle stick towers, sticker art for our Compassion kiddos, watercolor pictures, tons of coloring and anything with plain 'ole sissors and glue.  Whew.

We made some awesome marshmallow-toothpick creations.  And ate a bunch too ;).

Then there was play-doh, putting on puppet shows, tons of playing babies, dress-up galore, tea parties, baking and DIY projects with mommy.

And we played with some snow.  Inside.  We just dumped buckets of it in the sink and had fun squirting it with colored water, scooping it up and making mini-snowmen ;).  Fun for hours!

Of course, don't forget our friend, movie time!!  We watched tons of Hermie, Olivia and an "oldie but a goodie"...we watched Lady & the Tramp for the first time ;).

I know it sounds crazy, but we are snowed in AGAIN today!!  But this time I was more prepared...we've been having our 3rd Annual "Snowman Day" and it is FUU-UUN.  Check back tomorrow to see all our "snowy" fun!!