Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Daddy's Birthday!

This year we got to celebrate daddy’s birthday for two days instead of just one. Because, come on, having a birthday so close to Christmas could be a bummer unless you do it up right ;). We gave daddy all his presents and took him to his favorite place, Roadhouse, for dinner….one night early. Kind of a Happy Birthday Eve. He loved it ;). And just in time for his real birthday at midnight, we got a fun visitor…Amanda! She came to stay the night on her way to her family’s house. So she got to help us celebrate daddy’s real birthday with an “A for effort but C for execution” breakfast by mommy. She tried so hard, bless her heart ;). Daddy was sweet and assured her it was a great birthday breakfast. Ha!

Then on to Granbury we went. Gigi & Gebo had a fun party waiting for us…complete with daddy’s favorite lemon cake, presents and a trip to Babe’s for dinner. And daddy was SUCH a good sport…he got up and danced like a chicken for his 31st. It was a fun day!  (Sorry the pic is so blurry...had to get it quick!)