Saturday, December 25, 2010

Carlisle Christmas

This year we got to celebrate Christmas a little early! We figured out the best day we could all get together and we celebrated the Carlisle way on Friday ;). Gigi outdid herself on the food, we were with our very favorite people and were blessed beyond measure.  It really is so much fun to get to watch little kids experience Christmas! The girls had so much fun handing out gifts and even more fun tearing into them. But even better than that was what followed...LOTS of playing!! We played, played, played for days! Some of the favorites were Bingo, Go Fish, purses and of course some dress up and playing babies. Poor Gigi and Gebo’s house looked like two little girls’ world just exploded ;). And don’t forget brother. He didn’t get in on all the games and playing, but he sure did find lots of people willing to cuddle and love on him. I hope my kiddos always know how blessed they are to have so many people willing to drop anything to help them put on their gloves, play a game of Bingo or just read a book. And that’s what made our Carlisle Christmas so great…thanking God for all the blessings we have, especially for the birth of His Son. Merry Christmas!