Sunday, December 19, 2010

1 Month Old

Can't believe our little man is already one month old!!! And as much as I'm REALLY trying to soak it in, time is flying by! One thing is for sure...I'm not sure how we made it around here without Mr. Lincoln. He is PRE-CIOUS and we all love him so much. He is an amazing baby and really only makes a fuss when he's hungry or dirty. We can deal with that!  Of course, his sisters are his biggest fans!!  They LOVE to hold him and he doesn't seem to mind ;).  We have transitioned into a family of five very easily...praise God!!  Plus, we're not competely sleep-deprived around here.  Our little guy is eating about every three hours and at least four hours at night. Most of the time, his last feeding is around 11:00 pm, he eats around 3:00 or 4:00 and is back down until about 7:00 am. It's glorious!  And having a little boy is so amazing!!  Honestly, I can already tell this mama is in trouble...I'm having a hard time not letting him be a complete mama's boy ;).  And I don't even care.  Ha!  We love you, little guy.  Can't wait to see what next month holds!

Likes:                                                                          Dislikes:
mommy ;)                                                                    baths! although it's getting a little better every day
his daddy & his sissys                                                  diaper changes & clothings changes (being cold)
being swaddled up cozy                                               when the car stops too long at a light ;)
being nice and warm                                                    not too much else!
car seat & riding in the car
his swing!!
being held
Our biggest goal for this first month has been getting some weight on this little guy!!  From the time we left the hospitol, they were worried about his weight and we've had to go into the doctor each week for a weight check.  Of course, I've been a wreck about it since we had the same issues with Hayden, but they've finally decided he's doing great!  Praise God!! 
1 week - 6.8 (13%)
2 weeks - 6.15 (8%)
3 weeks - 7.13 (18%)