Thursday, November 04, 2010

Hayden turns TWO!!!

How on earth did our baby girl turn TWO!?! She is just growing up SO fast! Little Miss Hayden Kate woke up on her birthday morning to balloons in her room (like usual) and telling us, “today’s my birf-day!” Of course, she had been saying this for over a week as we had just celebrated sissy’s, but today she was right!! And she was excited! We had a special #2 pancake breakfast, daddy gave her some pretty flowers and she got to open her presents. The only thing she had asked for was “a puppy and kitty”. Since we were NOT going to get her the real deal, we tried to get as lifelike as possible. Think she loves her new puppy!?! And we prayed her special verse on her Bible over her one more time.

After daddy headed off to work and we got ready for the day, Hayden got to show off her new puppy to Briggs and Kennedy at gymnastics. And they were so sweet to get her a new Toy Story game. We had to play it the minute we got home and then Hayden’s bestie came over to play! Tristan and Miss Sharee were so sweet to get her the other thing she wanted…a kitty! And we all had such a great time playing together all morning ;).

When Tristan had to go home, we took naps (with the puppy & kitty, of course) and then headed to the pet shop for some puppy-watching. She LOVES doing this, so we thought it would be perfect for her birthday! We watched the puppies forever and then met daddy for dinner at none other than Gatti-Town. Of course she loved the pizza & cupcakes, but she REALLY loved the games. It was so sweet to watch her enjoy her day so much and she went to bed with a smile all over her face ;). Happy birthday, sweet girl!