Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Patchin’ at the Arbo

This year we tried a new pumpkin patch with our “brother” and most of us enjoyed it. Ha! Poor Hayden hates to walk on the grass or dirt of any non-concrete ground. She simply cannot stand for her feet to even feel like they are getting dirty. Just imagine what she’d feel like walking on hay. Well you don’t have to….here it is. Clearly, not happy! She was NOT having it, so we were NOT getting pumpkin patch pictures.

The other two ran and played and had a great time while I got to cuddle with HK.

But once we found a nice little spot for a picnic, took a break and gave her some lunch, she was much happier. Can’t you just see the joy on their faces!? What a sweet day with our sweet friends!