Thursday, October 28, 2010

Emerson turns FOUR!!!

I think the years keep going faster and faster. When we put her to bed she was three, but now our big girl is four!! Unbelievable. And for some reason, it has really made me feel old! As usual, she awoke to birthday balloons in her room. And she did allow us to take a few obligatory pictures, but she was much more interested in heading downstairs to see if she might have a few presents. And who would have guessed it? She did get the one and only thing she asked for…a Snow White! Her daddy also gave her some pretty purple flowers…her favorite color! And could that be MORE lipgloss? Surely her mommy isn’t that crazy ;). Her special Bible verse this year was Proverbs 20:11 so we prayed it over her once more. We had yummy #4 pancakes and waited (not so patiently) for her bestie to arrive. That’s exactly what she wanted to do on her birthday…play with Kennedy All. Day. Long. So that’s just what we did. There was lots of dressing up, lots of lipgloss and lots of giggling to be heard. We decided to make a trip to Chick-Fil-A for lunch and headed home for naps.

After we got up and got dressed, we picked daddy up from work and went to the American Girl Doll Bistro for dinner. It was down-right precious. Em brought her Bitty baby, Abby, and we let Hayden take my old “Samantha” doll too. They had so much fun feeding their babies and having a special dinner! But the best was yet to come. Daddy had told her she could go downstairs to the store and get Abby one new outfit. Let me just tell you that it took her FOREVER to decide! I’m pretty sure we looked at every single piece of clothing in that whole store. And she had some fun with the strollers as well. But we finally found the perfect one and our little…I mean, BIG…girl looks pretty happy with her choice ;). Happy birthday to my precious girl!!