Friday, October 29, 2010

Birthdays are better with grandparents!!

This year, the girls got to see both sets of their grandparents right around their birthdays. We had so much fun (and so much cake!) when they all came to visit. And you know what else that means…lots of fun presents!! Karo and Kbob had come to help us do some work on getting settled into our house, so we had them to ourselves all weekend. Plus an extra visitor too…Aunt Sarah. They all outdid themselves! Em got a fun new ladybug home and we get to have them sent to our house by mail! How exciting. She also got her very own Caboodle with all the lip gloss a gal could need. Precious! HK received a sweet new doll that looks an awful lot like the boy doll daddy had while growing up. She’s named it Emma and LOVES it! And she got some way fun new books too. Thanks guys!

But we weren’t done yet! Next came our Gigi and Gebo! They also came to help us get unpacked at the new house and when they came, our girls turned into two of the most PRECIOUS cowgirls!! One in her boots that look just like Jesse’s and another who drags around her new puppies and kitties books ;). What fun we had with our grandparents!!

But mommy and daddy think they got the best gifts of all…help getting this house unpacked!!!