Wednesday, October 20, 2010

One Special Season

We cannot believe that our time at the Forman’s home has come and gone. And we can’t articulate enough what a special season of life we shared with them!! We truly thought they were crazy when they first offered to let us live at their home for 2 ½ months. And then we thought we might have be crazy to agree. But Justin and Sharee were clearly following God’s leading and He has blessed us all tremendously!!

Our kiddos are truly like little siblings now…and sometimes even fight like they are to prove it! But they have been so blessed by their time together. I’m afraid it’s going to be really hard on them not to be together everyday. They bonded over lots of meals, book time, playdoh and hours spent outside. And my girls are REALLY going to miss “Miss Sharee”. There were many days that I’m pretty sure they liked her more. And that’s okay, I totally get it. For now, lots of playdates are in order!!

The guys have had fun playing video games & watching sports, doing LOTS of campfires in the backyard and even playing a few practical jokes on each other. Plus I know they appreciated having each other look out for their families when each had to go out of town on business. Perks, I tell you.

But I know the ones that loved it most were me and Sharee! It was like having a never-ending playdate. Ha! I think God taught us each so much through each other and I know for sure that I’m a better mommy, wife and friend because of her! We always had someone there to encourage us if we were having a rough day or needing to be consistent with our kiddos. We got to take turns with the cooking & cleaning responsibilities, watched each other’s kiddos at naptime if we needed to run errands, had someone to watch “girly” shows with and she especially helped this pregnant lady out more than I should have let her! It was fun and I’m gonna miss it. Like I’m about to cry just thinking about it.

We’ve already decided that we need a few “family dinners” a month just to keep it real. Because honestly, you’ve never really had a family dinner until you have seven people huddled around the table, talking about our days, trying to get the two little ones to eat and making lots of noise and happy memories ;). Thank you, Formans, from the bottom of our hearts!! We love y’all!