Monday, December 28, 2009

Rowe Christmas 2009

What a wonderful Rowe Christmas we had this year!! We were SO excited to be back with the girls and it was even better that the whole fam was there! I had been especially excited to see the two littlest cousins, Hayden and Ava, spend time together. They are only one month apart in age, so they had a lot in common. Ava was running laps around our new walker, but they had so much fun!

On Christmas Eve, we went to the afternoon candlelight service at Kingsland and it was wonderful. Emerson enjoyed the singing and did pretty well...thank goodness she got to sit with Aunt Sarah and Uncle Brad!! Miss Hayden almost made it through the service, but once the snacks were gone, she was done. We spent some time roaming the halls while everyone else got to light their candles and sing Silent was very pretty to listen to ;).

Then we headed over to Uncle Mark and Aunt Linda's house for their traditional Christmas Eve dinner. They always go all out and the food was fabulous as usual. Of course, my kiddos were LOVING being the youngest there, and the big girls were so sweet to dote on them!!

Christmas morning was so fun! Scott read the Christmas story and then Em got to play "St. Nick"...she had the BEST time handing out the presents! Of course we were all too spoiled, but the best part was just spending time together. After we got dressed, back to Mark and Linda's we went. More food, more presents, more fun!! Somehow, a nerf gun landed in Emerson's hands and she spent the morning shooting the dog through the glass window. Ha!! But my favorite part came when Gramma Rowe received the "dreaded fish net". It's this old fish net that's been passed around the family for more than 1o secret, of course. Each year, something is added to it and passed along. Sarah added an IV and patient bracelet and Gramma Rowe was completely stunned ;).

Not sure how I didn't get any pictures of this, but on Saturday, we attended DeeDah and PawPaw's tamale making class!! It was exciting to learn this family recipe and now we REALLY appreciate all the hard work that goes into making them. It's very time consuming, but we all had a great time. And we even got certificates of completion in the mail soon after ;).

Merry Christmas, Rowes!! We had a wonderful time with all of you!!