Sunday, December 27, 2009

When the parents are away...

...the girls will PLAY!!!

While daddy and mommy were off in New York, the girls were having their own special vacation! They got to spend a special week with their grandparents preparing for Christmas and made tons of sweet memories. And they were kind enough to take pictures and text them to mommy and daddy so we wouldn't miss them too much ;).

Take a look and see...they got to ride the big carosel at the mall

visited with Santa

recieved new Christmas bears

played-played-played with the ball bit and rocking train

and even grew their own toy Christmas tree!!

They had such a wonderful time and it was so nice to see their smiles in the pictures we received and hear the joy in their voices when we called. Thank you Karo and K-bob!!! We obviously couldn't have had such a great time without your willingness to care for our girlies and we knew they were in GREAT hands!!