Thursday, October 29, 2009

Emerson's "Milk and Cookies" Birthday Party

If you give a three-year-old a cookie,

she's gonna want a glass of chocolate milk to go with it.

And while she's drinking her chocolate milk,

she's gonna want to share some with her friends.

So you'll help her make some invitations for her MILK and COOKIES PARTY!!!

When she's finished mailing the invitations,

she's gonna want to help you decorate for the party.

When you're finished decorating for the party,

she's going to want to make a birthday cake.

When you ask her if she wants a chocolate chip cookie cake or an Oreo cookie cake,
she's going to ask for BOTH.

So you'll help her make two cakes!

When you're finished making the cakes,

she's gonna want to make some favors for her friends.

So you'll help her make aprons and goodie bags and LOTS of cookies to fill them up!

When you're finished getting everything ready,

her friends will show up for PARTY time!!!

When all her friends arrive,

They'll play games and bake cookies and listen to a story and sing "Happy Birthday" and play in the bounce house and eat lots of COOKIES and MILK!!

And she'll be so thankful they all came!!

But watch out! While the Birthday Girl is decorating her cookies,

a certain little sister might just try to steal a bite ;).

And chance are, if you let that three-year-old (and her sister) eat some cookies,

she's gonna want a glass of chocolate milk to go with it ;).

(AND...she'll want her bestie to stay for dinner and a watch a movie in their jammies ;)).