Friday, October 30, 2009

And the celebration continues...

When we asked Emerson what she wanted to do for her birthday, the single only thing she said (and kept saying) was that she wanted to go to Chuck E Cheeses. With Kennedy. So we were happy to do just that...well, maybe daddy tried to talk her out of it a little, but she stood firm. Ha! We did decide to go on her birthday "eve" so we could go to our church's Fall Festival on her actual birthday. That sweet kid got to celebrate a LOT! Here are some highlights from Chuck E Cheeses...

Happy 3rd Birthday Morning!!! Scott and I surprised her with balloons in her room (as usual) and got busy opening gifts so daddy could watch before he headed to work. The only thing she had actually asked for were Bernstein Bear books, so she got plenty of those. But daddy's favorite gift for her was a new TRAIN!! Daddy's Grampa Rowe and Gramma Rowe used to build train sets and he has fond memories of playing with them, so I imagine they'll spend lots of time playing trains together. Em was SO excited about building the tracks and loved the little Dalmatian puppy that came with the Fire Station ;). And this year, we engraved Psalm 126:2-3 on her special "birthday" Bible as we have been praying that over her heart!

When she put Abby's new clothes on her, she said, "How cute! I need to take a picture!". What a hoot!

After daddy headed off to work, Kennedy came over to play...that's what Em wanted to do all day, so that's what we did. They ate a yummy chocholate chip/sprinkles pancake breakfast and played, played, played!! We had a little Chick-Fil-A for lunch and then she took the LONGEST nap ever. Must have been worn out!

And how exciting to get to end her 3rd birthday with all her friends at church!!! Our little superhero had a ball and it was a super fun end to a super fun day. And we couldn't forget our "birthday kiss" picture!!