Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday, Precious Girl!

Dear Emerson,

I'm sure I'll say this every single year, but I cannot believe another year has past...I cannot believe my baby girl is THREE years old!!! And what they say is true, it only gets better every single day. I love you more than words can express and I am humbled and honored that God chose me to be your mom. You are a true blessing and I am so thankful to spend my days with you.

I don't think I could have ever imagined what you would be like at three. At least, I couldn't have imagined that big! You are an amazing young lady. Your personality is infectious and you make us laugh all the time. The things you say are so witty, yet so innocent. I simply cannot get enough of you. And your daddy, well, he is so in love with you. I can't explain the joy I feel when I watch you two. You are still VERY much a daddy's girl, and I certainly don't blame you. Y'all are two peas in a pod. And this year, we've gotten to watch you become a big sister. You are kind, helpful and protective of your baby sister. You love to make her laugh and she ADORES you. I think your love language must be quality time because your absolute favorite thing is for us to all be together. Every night at dinner you look around and say, "it's mommy and daddy and Hayden and Emmy. We're all in the family!!". And then you giggle as if it's the best thing in the world (which it is, by the way).

You are a great little friend. I say it all the time, but I am just so thankful that God has already given you such a sweet friend in Kennedy. You two LOVE each other and love to spend time together. And you get along REALLY well. We rarely have to deal with any problems...occasionally someone tries to tattle, but we just remind you to go work it out and be kind, which seems to work. It's so fun to watch you guys play. You refer to each other as "best friend" like, "Hey best friend, come here!" It's so funny. And you come up with the funniest games/stories. You guys do pretty much everything, gymnastics, playing, seems even pottying together is fun ;). I can't wait to watch as your friendship continues to grow...God has really blessed you, little lady!

You are VERY interested in learning. And teaching certainly don't mind telling us all exactly how we should do things ;). You know all of your upper and lower case letters (some mix ups with those b,d,p's) and their sounds. You like to spell out words that you see, tell us what letter/sound words start with and can sound out lots of simple words. I really do think you'll be reading before long. You LOVE books. Your favorites right now are Fancy Nancy, Lilly, Bernstein Bears and your Bible. But we read just about every book on the shelf throughout the week too. Now numbers, well, we're working on it. I'm afraid we both enjoy math a little less than reading, so we just don't spend as much time on that. Sorry! You're also really into Nemo and Lightning McQueen'd watch them everyday if we let you ;). We usually stick to watching World Word for our TV time, but daddy's a little softie and often likes to watch them with you (he really likes those movies himself ;)).

You love life for sure! You wake up happy and stay that way most of the day. Of course, we all have our moments, but you have a sweet heart that tries to do what is right. My favorite moments of the day are right after you wake up from're SUPER sweet and lovey ;). You are quite the little homebody and would be perfectly content playing at home everyday. It's gotten harder to convince you when we need to run errands, but you're fine once we're on our way. You are still very into your "guys" but most of the games/toys you are interested in right now have to do with letters/spelling/reading. You love to help cook and clean up and you are VERY interested in becoming more independent about things like clearing the table after dinner, getting yourself all dressed, and helping with the shopping. We're starting a little responsibility chart and I just think you are going to love it.

But the very most exciting thing to me about your little 3-year-old self is your love for God. Not a day goes by that you are not learning something new about our Savior...and it's not always from daddy and I. Countless times a day I know He speaks to your heart and you are listening. I pray you never stop!! I know that God is going to use you in big ways!! He has blessed you with intelligence, humor, compassion, talents, gifts and most importantly a heart that is already searching after Him. You talk daily about "when Jesus comes in my heart" and are so excited about living in Heaven with Him (and mommy and daddy and Hayden). You "read" His word and you've already hidden many truths in your little heart. And we are learning right alongside you. I never imagined how much you would point me to the cross, which is exactly what you do everyday. You are a complete blessing to me!

Have I mentioned that I can't believe you are already three!?!? Because I can't. Sometimes I wish I could freeze you in time, but then I'd just miss out on all the great things you are going to do tomorrow. So Happy 3rd Birthday to you, little lady!!! I love you SO SO much and I hope you have a wonderful birthday!