Monday, June 15, 2009

Beach babies

We had the first of our PlayDaze at church last week...Beach party!! And despite the fact that we forgot a swim diaper for Em and she spent her time with a HUGE water-filled regular diaper, she still had fun. She was busy the whole time, usually emptying the kiddie pool one scoopful of water at a time :o). Little Miss had to stick with mama in the shade, but she had a good enough time just watching. Thanks Mrs. time!!

Oh, and one fun little fact...this very time last year, we were just about to find out we were having another sweet GIRL!!! We went to Beach Party in the morning and then headed to our appointment to get the sonogram. We didn't actually find out until that night and it was such a sweet time. But I cannot believe it's already been a year!!! Slow down, girlies!!!