Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lord, draw her close.

Especially since Easter, Emerson has spent lots of time talking about Jesus...she is SO interested and asks tons of questions. "Why did He died on the cross? "Why did He rise again?. "Where does Jesus live? Where does God live?". We've explained to her (the best we know how) that Jesus died for our sins (the bad choices we make), that He rose again so that we can be forgiven (He'll forgive us if we say we're sorry), and that God/Jesus are in Heaven, but that God lives in mommy's heart and daddy's heart and that He can live in her heart someday too. It's fascinating and humbling to have these conversations with her. Talk about challenging us to dig into the word and pray that He can speak through us!

At dinner the other night, she looked up at Scott and I and said out of nowhere, (and beaming), "Someday God will live in MY heart!! And I will live in Heaven and mommy will live in Heaven and daddy will live in Heaven and Hayden Kate will live in Heaven!" Yes, little girl...we do pray that God will live in your heart very soon. That will be our very favorite day!

Lord, thank you for Emerson! Please draw to her to you and prepare her heart to accept you! Help us to know how to train her in Your ways. Amen.