Thursday, May 07, 2009

Halfy Birthday to Hayden!

Halfy Birthday to you,
Halfy Birthday to you,
Halfy Birthday dear Hayden,
Halfy Birthday to you!

It's hard to believe I'm already 1/2 a year old , but any excuse to celebrate is good enough for me! Daddy, mommy and Emmy threw me the cutest little "Halfy Birthday" party today (just a few days late but hey, I AM a second kid :o)). They decorated half my room, we wore half birthday hats, they gave me half presents and sang Halfy Birthday to me...we had SO much fun! Emmy helped me quite a bit...of course, this wasn't her first "halfy birthday" party to attend so she totally knew what to do. I absolutely LOVED playing with the tissue paper and gift sacks, Daddy and Emmy were all about the balloons and mommy just had fun watching. And like any good halfy birthday celebration ends, they fed me a big ole' bowl of homemade carrotts...yummm!

P.S. Thanks to Aunt Sarah for our precious party clothes :o)