Saturday, May 09, 2009

Family fun at the zoo!!!

On Thursday, we had the special treat of visiting the Ft. Worth Zoo with mommy's cousins, aunt and uncle and all our second cousins...there were a lot of strollers, lots of sweat, and TONS of fun!!!

Emerson - Stacy - Hayden - Jamie - Blake (hiding) - Kathy - Bryce - Mayce - Dillon - Kelly - Drew

Mayce was a great little guide :o)

Not so sure yet...still warming up to those crazy monkeys

Blake and Hayden were ready to go!

Dillon and Emmy watching those big 'ole fish!

"Mommy, I see an elephant!!!"

Cutie-pa-tootie Drew!!!

Emerson's first experience with Dippin' Dots :o)

Awww...sweet baby girl!!!

Hayden got tired of the stroller pretty quick so we did a lot of bonding :o)