Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Take that, momma!

Good thing she's so stinkin' cute cause it seems as though my second-born has decided to make a liar of me :o). Just as I bragged about her being the best baby ever, staying on a schedule and never making a peep, baby girl is out to prove me wrong! Just take last night, for example...

Fed her at 7:30-ish and she slept until her dreamfeed at 10:30. Ate great, rocked her a bit to make sure she was asleep, laid her down in the crib and she slept well until 2:30. And THEN...she didn't eat so well (took forever), had a hard time falling back asleep and proceeded to cry (okay, scream) from about 3:30-5:30. I tried everything I could think of, all the little tricks that usually work with her and I even tried the 'ole driving around in the car thing that ALWAYS puts her to sleep...but not last night :o). It was rough, people. I thought I might lose my mind until my sweet hubby asked if I had remembered to give her her reflux medicine. Honestly, I didn't really think it had been making much of a difference, but perhaps it really was! She did settle down after we gave it to her, but she had to have been exhausted as well so who knows? Either way, I certainly won't be forgetting that medicine today and I'm praying my little lady has a glorious night of sleep (so I can too)!