Saturday, November 22, 2008

World's Best Little Sister!

It's no secret that I have the world's best big sister...Emerson is wonderful to me! But I will say that I'm making it quite easy for her since I'm pretty great myself :o). I'm adjusting to life outside of mommy's tummy really well and they all love me so much!

Mommy and daddy are getting better and better at figuring me out and said that it's been much easier with me because they have at least half-a-clue about babies this time :o). I L-O-V-E to be swaddled and pretty much want to be that way as much as possible. I will spend some of my awake times all free of blankets, but I definitely prefer being nice and cozy...which means I enjoy mommy's sling and my car seat too! I also L-O-V-E being on a schedule and barely make a peep throughout the day as long as mommy keeps me on a good Eat-Awake-Sleep routine. Right now, I eat for about 40 minutes, spend the next 30-45 minutes awake and doing tummy time or just looking around and then sleep for about an hour and a half. Then we do it all again. I'm eating every three hours during the day and every four hours at night. And that is the absolute best part...I'm only waking up once during the night to eat and that makes mommy SO happy :o). I have found that I am NOT fond of diaper changes and let mommy and daddy know it (loudly) when they try. And the silliest thing about me so far is that I only like to sleep in my bed if I'm cuddled up in the boppy...mommy and daddy say as long as I sleep, they don't mind how I do it :o). So that's how this little sister is doing. Thanks for all your prayers that have helped our transition go so smoothly!