Thursday, December 04, 2008

25 Months Old

Oh sweet girl,
What an exciting month we've had!!! You went from being an only child to BIG SISTER and you have handled it beautifully. We are so very proud of you and love watching you play with your little sister. Of course, your daddy and I have really made an effort to continue spending "alone time" with just you, but you always ask us "where's Hayden Kate?" and want her to be there are already including her so well. The only time you ever seem to be bothered is occasionally when daddy is holding Hayden. You don't want him to put her down or anything, but you certainly have to be right up there with them are SUCH a daddy's girl :o).

Your personality is so much fun and you just plain love life :o). Your Karo has always called you "joy with skin on" and it couldn't be more true. You love to laugh and love to get us to laugh too. I'm so glad you have your daddy's sense of humor. Ha! Another side of your personality that we've seen come SHINING through lately is, how do you say "bossy" in a nice way?...I know, assertiveness :o). You certainly have an opinion about how you want things done and aren't afraid to say it. We're having to remind ourselves to be patient a lot lately :o).

We L-O-V-E our little chatter-box! Here are some of the fun things we hear you say all the time:

"I'm just sneakin' on you." - you love to sneak up on us and have us chase you :o).

"No look at me." - this is what you say to us when you are just about to do something you are NOT supposed to do and you don't want us to catch you. Yeah right...but thanks for the dead give away :o). My favorite!

"No, I'ma do it." - countless times, all day long, this is what we hear :o) Little miss independent!

"Thank you for my ___." - you are always thanking us for anything we give you. Super sweet! Now, if we could just get you to ask for things in a polite way too (you're a little demanding about this).

"Where's my Hayden Kate?" - ahh, how sweet!

"I'm just poopin'." - enough said.

"I'm-a gonna___" - this is how you tell us about everything you are going to do. It's too cute to fix, but someday we'll have to tell you "I'm-a" is not a word.

Here are some of your likes:
- your DADDY...playing rough with him, chasing him, having fun with him, etc.
- books, books, books!
- doing crafts with stickers and glue sticks (thanks to God for giving me a crafty girl!)
- helping us cook
- sleeping (you are still an excellent sleeper and napper)
- your big girl room and bed
- Dora (ugh...I don't really like you watching too much t.v., but you love this show!)
- puzzles
- singing!

Here are some of your dislikes:
- turning the jets on in the bath
- men you don't know seem to freak you out a bit
- lately, you seem more hesitant to go into the nursery at church which is the first time you've done makes me so sad :o(
- wearing your shoes in the car (this drives us nuts)
- being told what to do :o)

You are such a fun kid and I'm thrilled to be your momma. I so look forward to each and every day with you and can't wait to see what you'll discover and hear what you're thinking!
So proud of you...Mommy