Thursday, December 04, 2008

One Month Old

Unbelievable! I can't even believe I'm already one month old...time flies when you're having fun :o). Here are some of the things we've learned about me in my one short month. Lots of people say I look just like my big sister, but some people say they can see more of mommy in me. (She's so proud!) My parents seem to think that I have dark hair and blue eyes, but we'll see if it changes. I'm still pretty tiny right now and wear Newborn size diapers and clothes...mommy can't wait until I fit into my cute 0-3 month clothes, but she loves my tiny-ness so much :o). We found out that I have reflux (whatever that is) and I feel a TON better when I get my medicine. But even when it does bother me, mommy and daddy say that I have a little-bity quiet cry so it's not so bad. Oh, and they LOVE how much I squirm and stretch! Here are some funny things about how I sleep...sometimes my eyes open just a little bit when I'm falling asleep just like mommy's do and I snore just like daddy does...already so much like my parents :o). I still really like being on a schedule and love to be swaddled. I eat about every three hours during the day and about four hours at night. Now, we have had a couple rough days around here as mommy's milk is trying to catch up with my growth spurt, but we'll soon be back on track (we hope!). Also, mommy says I'm a slow eater and hopes I'll get a little more efficient soon :o). Just a few days ago, mommy and daddy decided I needed to start sleeping in my own room so daddy could get some better rest at night. So mommy has been sleeping in my room with me and I'm doing a GREAT job in my crib! They are so proud of me. Some super fun things I've done this month include getting to meet so many family members and friends, hanging out with my big sister, going to my first party, going to MOPS and big church with mommy and daddy, and making my first road trip to Houston...what a big girl! More than anything else, I've learned that mommy and daddy and Emerson love me SO very much.

Mommy promises she won't do this every time, but here's a fun little comparison of me and Emerson at one month old...same outfit, bow and everything :o)