Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy Birthday Jesus!

I have had the best Christmas season celebrating our Savior's birth with my family! It has been such a sweet time for us to learn more about our God and worship Him for the beautiful gift of Jesus. I'm so thankful that I can celebrate Jesus' birthday!

Even though this isn't my very first Christmas, this is the first Christmas that I actually remember. (Seems I slept through most of everything last year :o). Since mommy and daddy knew I would really get into it this year, they wanted to make sure that I would start to learn the true meaning of Christmas and that we would establish some family traditions.

Mommy and I do have to thank daddy a lot here. He did such a good job of leading our family in learning more about Jesus' birth this year! He read me the Christmas story many times, talked about Jesus with me, prayed with me, and even did a little study with mommy about Jesus' birth. Thank you daddy for making sure that we stayed focused on Christ this Christmas. We all learned a lot!

Mommy and daddy decided that they wanted to continue one tradition from each of their childhoods and then develop a few of our own. When daddy was growing up, his family would open one gift on Christmas Eve...jammies! We loved that one so we decided to do the same. Very fun! When mommy was growing up, her family always had a yummy Christmas breakfast/brunch after Granddaddy read the Christmas story from the Bible. Daddy read us the story and our breakfast was ok (mommy says she'll do better next time!).

Here are some of the traditions we have started as a family (lots of these ideas were from some of our sweet friends and family). We all helped make a birthday cake for Jesus and sang Happy Birthday to Him. We wrapped a present for Jesus and chose how we would give to one of His less fortunate children. We have collected all the Christmas cards we received this year and will rotate through them during the year and pray for one family each week. Daddy said if we didn't get one from you this year, too bad...just kidding of course!

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas season and can't wait to hear about your days of celebrating our Savior's birth!
Happy Birthday Jesus!!!

Crazy enough, we didn't get too many pictures that morning, but did make a lot of sweet memories. Here are the few we did get of our "little family"Christmas:

Look what Santa brought!!!

This is so much fun, daddy!

I'm off with my groceries :o)