Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Fulshear Christmas

This year, we headed down to Fulshear to spend Christmas with daddy's family! We got there just in time for daddy's birthday lunch and had a great time celebrating his 28 years!

We got to see tons of family while we were in Fulshear and so enjoyed all the Christmas celebrations...all three to be exact! The only sad part was that I got pretty sick while we were there. Santa must have gotten a little confued and thought I said "upper respirtory infection" instead of "ballerina"...easy mistake, big guy.

Anyway, I sure was glad my Karo and Papa Rowe were there to cuddle me and my aunts and uncles were there to love on me. I'm bummed that I didn't really feel like myself enough to play with you guys, but I'll make up for it next time :o)

Here are some pics from our Fulshear Christmas:

A little family pic at church.

Papa Rowe showing me off at church :o)

Aren't Aunt Sarah and I so pretty?

PawPaw read us the Christmas story.

Helping DeeDah unwrap her presents!

Sweet Aunt Norma and Uncle Gayle

Poor Uncle Greg....he was just trying to catch a little nap :o)

Daddy helped me open some presents....

...but I really liked doing it all by myslef!

Christmas morning I just really wasn't feeling too well, but gazing up at my daddy sure did help!

Cuddling with mommy...this is the single only thing that mommy likes about me being sick. I get way more cuddly!

Aunt Sarah got me a new baby doll stroller!

Check out my cool new wheels from Karo and Papa Rowe!

Here I am with daddy's cousin Laura. She LOVED playing with me and was so much fun!

I really feel in love with my Uncle Greg this trip :o)

Daddy really enjoyed getting to spend some time with Gramma Rowe!

Sweet Uncle Brad loves playing with me and I love him too :o)

Here I am at Urgent Care...not too impressed as you can see :o(

Sweet Siblings!

I sure do love my Aunt Sarah...

...and my Aunt Gina too!

I love playing the keyboard with my Papa Rowe

While we were in Houston, daddy's cousin, Brian, and his football team won the state championship!!! Way to go guys!

My Karo was so good at making me feel better...whether it took a golf cart trip or just a good cuddle!

And here is what everyone did when I went to bed...mommy says Aunt Gina was seriously addicted :o)!