Thursday, January 03, 2008

Granbury Christmas

Next we were on to Granbury for a little "Carlisle-style" Christmas :o)

I was finally starting to feel a little better, so that was good. We spent our time at Gigi and Granddaddy's house just playing, resting and eating! We really enjoyed our time. I sure do like being the center of attention and they must all know that :o)

Here are some pics from our Granbury Christmas. Oh, and fair warning...that really is what my hair looks like in the mornings. See why mommy takes time to do it !?! Ha :o)

Opening presents in the shirt mommy made me...she made it too little but I was a good sport and wore it anyway :o)

Oooh...that was a good one!

Can you tell this girl loves new clothes :o)

At this point, I'm getting really good!

Oooh, a cool basketball shirt in my stocking! I think I'll put it on right now!

Helping Granddaddy open his present. I got he and Papa Rowe golf balls that say "If found, please return to my granddaddy!"

Helping Grandmother Carlisle open presents.

Helping mommy open her stocking.

And now I'm helping Jim and Traci open you see a little theme going?!?

Uncle Jim got us all (yes, even daddy) "Carlisle University" shirts!

Gigi helped me dig through my fun!

Granddaddy and I were playing with my new toys.

Uncle Rossie is so sweet to me!

Posing for mommy!

Yeah, I know I'm cute :o)

A few more in my pretty Christmas dress. This was mommy's chair when she was little.

The "big kids" all went out one night so that I could get some good alone time with Granddaddy and Gigi!

Silly mommy and daddy :o)

My super fun new tunnel from Granddaddy and Gigi!