Friday, January 04, 2008

Girls Night In

What a fun night!!! Mommy and I had our first official "Girls Night In" tonight. That means we got to spend one night just the two of us doing tons of girlie stuff, no boys allowd...not even daddy! It just so happened that daddy got Mavs tickets for tonight, so mommy and I planned a fun girlie evening. So fun!

First, we took a super bubbly bath in mommy's big tub! I LOVED all the bubbles and kept trying to push the button to turn on the jets :o)

Next, was a very big moment for me...we painted my piggies for the very first time! Yay! Mommy let me pick out the polish and I picked pink of course :o) I was super still and did such a good job of being patient while mommy painted. We've got to do this more often for sure...definitely a perk of being a girl! Are those not the cutest little piggies you ever did see?!?

Last but not least, we cuddled up on the couch to watch girlie movies. I got to pick out my very first video at the video store today...I picked Veggietales and mommy picked Hairspray. Yay again! We watched some of my video together but I was getting pretty tired so I asked to go "night night please" (no joke, I really asked). I guess mommy will just have to watch her movie alone...but I know she'll miss me :o)