Monday, December 31, 2007

14 Months Old

Dear love-bug,

What a little joy you are! I think your Karo says it are "joy with skin on". I couldn't agree more. Your daddy and I are constantly amazed at the blessings we receive from you on a daily basis. This Christmas season has really been such a sweet time of celebrating our Savior's birth and being able to share that with you! I love you, sweetie!

Here are 14 things I don't want to forget about you at 14 months!

1. You are such a parrot lately!!! Daddy and I are amazed at how much you copy what we are saying! You literally try to say everything we's hilarous! You may not understand everything you are saying, but it's super cute to hear you repeat us. Here are some of our favorite things you have repeated..."puzzle pieces, Romo, yellow, green & blue, and shopping cart".

2. When you wake up in the mornings and after naps, you always just sit quietly and play with your baby until we come get you. Daddy and I never really know what time you wake up in the a.m. because you are so quiet, but most days you are waiting on us when we come get you around 7:30ish. After naps, I usually have to check your video monitor after a couple hours to see when you wake up. We're thinking that someday you'll realize you can call for us to come get you...we'll see :o)

3. You have started calling yourself "Memmy"! It's so cute to see you point to the mirror, point to pictures of yourself and point to your tummy and say "Memmy!"

4. You are doing really well on your walking but are definitely not a "full-time" walker yet. You can stand up, walk, turn around and pick things up all by yourself, but most of the time you prefer to are really fast so I don't blame you!

5. You are incredibly fast at getting down the stairs! It really cracks us up :o) You will crawl to the top step, turn around and shimmy down the stairs on your tummy. So funny to watch! (Don't worry, it's always supervised).

6. We were so excited that you learned ALL our your grandparents and aunts and uncles names while we were visiting! We had been practicing for some time with the photo book we have of all of them, but I think it really helped for you to see them in person. Here's what you call them: Gigi - "Gigi", Granddaddy - "dadaddy", Ross - "dos", Karo - "day-o", Papa Rowe - "papa", Sarah - "rara", Brad - "bad" ,Gina - "nina", Greg - "egg".

7. You still sleep a good 12 hours at night (from about 7:30-7:30) and are still taking two naps a day (1 hour in the morning, 2 hours in the afternoon). We're are thinking that you are getting close to moving to one nap a day, but we'll see.

8. We FINALLY changed you into a new convertible carseat. I'm a little embarrased that it took us this long to change you from your infant carrier, but you just outgrew the length requirements this month and had never seemed uncomfortable. Now that you are in your "big girl" seat, you have a ton more room and sit a little higher. You really seem to like it. It did take some getting used to sleeping in there because your head is not as nestled in, but now you've got it. We have decided to keep you turned backwards for a while longer, but know you'll enjoy the view when we turn you around!

9. We had to talk a LOT about being gentle this month! You are really starting to understand and if we tell you to be gentle with something, you gently pat it and say "jeetoo". Ha!

10. You just have such a fun personality! We enjoy you so much! You for sure have your daddy's sense of humor and often crack yourself up :o). You laugh at your toys, at us and even silly things you do. You've even started a new fake laugh when you hear us laughing about something...just like you totally understand the joke!

11. You and your daddy spend lots of quality time practicing golf. Of course, we like to think you are quite impressive and accurate for your age :o). We can't wait to get you your first "real" set of clubs and get you out on the course!

12. You definitely figured out what "presents" means! You got to open presents six different times and by the last time, you were playing Santa! You picked up the packages and we told you who to take them to...and you did! Super cute! You loved to pull the tissue out of giftsacks and really got into ripping off the paper too.

13. You are becoming a little more cautious about eating what we offer you. You're still a pretty good little eater, but won't just try anything we put in front of you like you used to. Just in case you continue down this path, I've got a plan...Santa brought me everything I need to be a "Deceptively Delicious" cook for you! Watch out :o) Your absolute favorite thing right is bread...sorry girl, you come by it honest :o).

14. You are really into babies right now! You love to love on your baby dolls and look at babies in your books. You are also constantly pointing to little kids and calling them "baby"...even if they are twice your size! One day when we were out Christmas shopping, you called this little 7 or 8-year-old boy a "baby" and he was totally offended that you thought so :o).