Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend with Gigi and Gebo

I got to spend the weekend with Gigi and Gebo...all by myself!!! Gigi just had her birthday on Thursday and told mommy all she really wanted for her b-day was to see me :o). So mommy and daddy decided to take advantage and have a little alone time of their own too.

I about jumped out of my seat when we met up at the restaurant and had the BEST time all weekend. They took me to the zoo in Fort Worth and we saw so many fun animals. The monkeys were especially wild that day and kept jumping toward us :o).

It was also my first time to sleep in a big girl bed at their house and I did a great job! I stayed there all night until they came to get me in the morning, just like at home. I felt like such a big girl!

Most of all, we just spent time loving on each other! Thanks for the fun weekend, Gigi and Gebo!