Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sad day...

Yesterday was a sad day at our house :o(. See, as much as well all LOVE our precious dog, Tatum, mommy and daddy decided it was time for her to get a new family. We just don't have the time we used to have for her and felt like she needed more attention than we could give. She is such a precious puppy that she deserves better! We wanted to find a really good home for her and God answered our prayer! Mommy and daddy's friends, Matt and Amy, let us know that Matt's dad was looking for a new dog and it has worked out perfectly. Tatum is even getting two doggie "sisters" at her new house plus a WAY bigger yard to play in. And, her new family will let her be a "house dog" which mommy never could handle :o). We couldn't be more excited for Tatum!!! So while we're all really sad for US, we're really excited for HER. It will definitely take some getting used to around here and I will no doubt REALLY miss her, but this seems best for now. At least that's what mommy and daddy keep saying. Here are some pics from our last day with her :o) I'll miss you my sweet Tatum!!!

"Come here, Tatum. Good girl!"

"Sit, Tatum, sit!"

Sweet kisses :o)

"You got me, you got me!"

Sweet girl...we will miss you!!!