Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Practice Run

Well, today was a very interesting day to say the least! Em and I headed to my weekly dr. appointment this morning expecting just a routine visit. I was scheduled to see another doctor in the practice (which is totally normal) but I would always rather see my own. Anyway, I did the whole urine sample/weigh in part and settled into the examine room. Emerson sat very patiently in her stroller with a little snack and we were doing good. Then the nurse came in...asking if I'd been having any issues. That didn't sound good! After she took my blood pressure, she seemed relieved that it was normal, but I could tell something was up. The doctor came in quickly, checked my cervix (still just dilated to a 1) and said the baby sounded good BUT...because I had really high protein levels in my urine, they would have to take me over to labor and delivery! Yikes! I was flashing back to two years ago when I was walked over and induced for similar reasons. Was the baby really coming today or were they just being careful?!?!

So I called Scott and told him to meet us over there...he was a little stunned...and the nurse took us over. Emerson was SUCH a trooper! She just sat there and watched curiously as I changed into a gown and they hooked me up to all the monitors. She just kept saying, "Hi mommy." and "what cha doin, mommy?" and "I hear baby sister!". She didn't act nervous or anything. When Scott got there, they drew some blood and we started the waiting...and waiting! After a while, he took Em to lunch and then over to Courtney's (AKA BFF Kennedy's house) for her nap. When he got back, I was still just waiting. And getting hungry! LONG LONG story short, we waited ALL afternoon and finally the nurse came in around 5:30 or 6:00 to say that we were headed home. All my blood work had come back fine, my blood pressure was still looking good and if anything, I may have a UTI but we won't know for 24-48 hours when the urine culture comes back.

Obviously, we are relieved that everything worked out okay! We really can't wait to meet this little lady, but I'd rather her be able to come on her own if possible :o). Scott thinks God may have just had to slow me down a little and remind me to take it easy...probably right! What a blessing to know that our little baby girl is okay and that she'll be here soon. As we were walking out of Labor and Delivery though, I told Scott that it sure isn't as fun to leave there without a new baby in your arms :o)!

*** The only pic we got was on my getto-phone and it won't download...ugh!