Sunday, August 10, 2008


...and it feels so goo-ood!

I can't begin to tell you how excited mommy and daddy were when Friday night at 7:30 rolled around and they got to see me for the first time in five days! They were plum giddy!

We met up at a Mexican food restaurant in Salado and they were all smiles! I was too! I could see daddy through the front window of the car and started kicking my feet like crazy. Then, mommy raced around to my side of the car to get me out and I shouted, "Hi, mommy!". She couldn't wait to hold me and practically knocked daddy out of the way to be the first to get me :o). I thought she might not put me down at all! During dinner, mommy barely ate because she just couldn't tear her eyes away from me!

I really did have GREAT FUN while away from them at Kamp Karo, but we were all pretty pumped to be reunited! Mommy says it is such a blessing that I am a pretty well-adjusted little kiddo that really doesn't get upset to be away from them. I would just ask about them from time to time and when Karo told me they were at home, I just smiled and went on my way :o). On the other hand, mommy said it was WAY too quiet around here without my little chatter...she didn't seem to adjust as well as I did!

Glad to be back home (but not as glad as mommy and daddy are!)