Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Hello mother, Hello Father... I am at Kamp Ka-aa-ro!

Greetings from Kamp Karo. That's right, I'm writing from a new location here. See, my Karo has always dreamed about having a one-week Kamp Karo each summer when her grandkids could come stay and play. Mommy thought I was too little last year, but decided that she...I mean I could handle it this year :o).

And I am having SO much fun! In fact, I'm having "great fun" as we like to say around here :o). I have been to Mr. Jimmy's restaurant, rode the carousel, finger painted, played with Uncle Brad's buttercup, rode the golf cart, played with the puppies, went to Chuck E Cheese and even more! SO FUN! I am gettting super spoiled by Karo, Pappa Rowe, Aunt Sarah and Uncle Brad.

And don't you worry too much about mommy and daddy. Every time I talk to them on their cell phones or on the web cam, I'm always very happy and tell them how much I love them :o). And although I've heard that mommy may have had a few meltdowns and cried herself to sleep, I think they are being really brave about all this :o). They made sure to have plenty planned to keep themselves busy and are enjoying their "6th anniversary week"!

Well, ta-ta for now...we've got stuff to do!!! See you on Friday, mommy and daddy!