Sunday, August 10, 2008

Compare and Contrast

Here's my compare/contrast of the 2nd trimester with Emerson and baby GIRL #2!


- Obviously, we found out we're having a baby GIRL for the second time :o)! I have to admit that I had a great plan for a boy nursery all figured out, so I totally had to switch gears back to girly thinking...not a problem :o)! Though I absolutely ADORE Em's nursery, I want this baby girl to have her own "thing", so we are redo-ing it! I'm WAY excited to get going on it. And I am really so THRILLED to have another girl! I love imagining all the tea parties, crafts, dress-up, cooking and girly things we will all get to do together :o).

- Having a HARD time with a name (again)! I think we've narrowed it down, but we're both holding pretty firm to our own choices :o). So we went back to our original list and may have another option too. We'll let you know who wins!

- Again, I'm not really having any REAL cravings. Of course, I could eat Sonic ice by the truckload, but that's not really unusual for me. Just food in general...does that count?

- I absolutely LOVE feeling her squirm around inside me. It's just such a unique and exciting feeling that I'm so thankful to get to experience.

- Pregnancy brain. Had it then, have it now. It's really bad how scattered I am and it's getting on my nerves!

- No gestational diabetes...a-woo-hoo! This gal likes to eat, so I don't think I would have liked the restrictions of this diet :o).


- With Emerson, I only got to have two sonograms - one at 6 weeks and one around 20 weeks. They were great, but I remembered wanting more!!! Well, with this little gal, I've gotten to have four!!!. We had one around 6 weeks, another around 12 weeks (when we couldn't hear the heartbeat with the doppler), one around 20 weeks and a forth one last Friday. My doctor wanted to check my amniotic fluid and it ended up looking great! What a blessing. And SO fun to get to see her again!

- Of course I didn't feel this the first time, but I have to admit that I'm really worried about giving each one of my girls enough time and I'm starting to feel sorry for Emmy that she's going to have to share. And then I feel so guilty for feeling that way. Is this normal?

- So far, I've gained a little less weight than I did with Emerson...yay! Of course, you couldn't tell by looking at me! I'm not terribly concerned about the weight, but it would be nice to have a little less to take back off :o).

- One of the biggest differences I've noticed this time is that this little girly kicks more inward than outward. It's like she's just tap dancing all over my organs! VERY wierd! It also means that Scott and I can't see her kick from the outside as much as we did with Em, but I certainly DO feel her all the time!

- I am SO hot! I am usually a VERY cold natured person, but lately I am just burning up. I don't know if it's that much hotter than the summer I was pregnant with Emerson, but I do know that I notice the heat a ton more. I'm afraid I have our electric bill to prove it :o).