Sunday, August 10, 2008

28 weeks

I simply cannot believe how quickly this pregnancy is flying by! I thought it went fast the first time, but this is just crazy. We got to have another sonogram last week because my amniotic fluid was a little low at the 20 week appointment. Well, it all looks great now so that is a huge blessing! And it was just so wonderful to get to see her again! Definitely still a SHE and definitely still cute as a bug. We got a little better profile pic than last time and we think she looks more like Emerson that we did at first....same little turned up nose and same head shape. She is also measuring small like her big sis did (she's measuring 1 1/2 weeks small and Em always measured 2 weeks small), so we may have another little bity baby on our hands. We'll see!?! The best part was that we got to just sit and watch her sweet little face for quite a while and saw her make the biggest yawn! It was super cute :o). I had suspected that she was turned inward because of all the jabs I was getting to my insides and I was right. She is breech and curled up looking towards me. Very sweet, but I hope she turns before the big day!