Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Splash Park Fun!

Woooo-weeeee has it been HOT!?! We had to think of a way to cool off yesterday, so we hit the splash park by our house! SUCH a cool place! This was the first time I got to go through it by myself and I couldn't wait to get there. Mommy and I met up with Courtney and Kennedy, brought a little picnic lunch and just spent the afternoon splashing in the cool water! We even ran into my friend, Reid, who was there with his mommy and some of their friends...he is such a cutie :o)! You definitely need to go check it out...a fun, free way to spend a hot summer day!

Look how high it sprays!!!

Now, this one is more my size :o)

That water is spraying on me!!!

Check out our cute little baby bums :o)

Eating a little lunch with Kennedy in my wagon...we didn't want too much to do with that because we wanted to get back out there!

Hi mommy!