Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mommy and Me

Yesterday, we headed out to the Arboretum for "Mommy and Me" Monday. What an absolutely beautiful place to visit!!! And they had so much for us to do...a petting zoo, crafts, Kindermusic, meeting a police-man and just enjoying the beautiful day! We went with some friends from church and had a great time...I just love my buddies Kennedy, Zachary and Luke! Praise God for creating such a wonderful day to be with my friends :o)!

The whole gang...Holly and Zachary, Ashley and Luke, Emmy hiding in the stroller, Courtney and Kennedy (and mommy taking the picture)

And we're on our way...Kennedy and I just love holding hands lately. And it's not even "mom-prompted" anymore :o)

I LOVED brushing the goats :o)

Wow Kennedy, look at the police-man's motorcycle!

Look mommy, a birdie!

Dancing to the Kindermusic

Flirting with Zachary :o)

Um, I'm not so sure about this mommy...

...this is about as close as I want to get :o)

Of course, we really wanted to go back into the water once we had our clothes back on :o)!