Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Up from the grave HE arose!!!

An oldie but a goodie :o) This is one of our favorite Easter hymns and mommy and daddy can really belt it out...such dorks. But really, it totally made me giggle everytime cause I could tell they really were pumped to sing about our Savior's triumph over the grave!!!

This Easter was full of sweet memories. For one, mommy couldn't decide between my two super cute Easter dresses (thanks to Karo and Gigi) so I just wore them BOTH! Not at the same time of course, but I did wear them both on Easter :o). Not to mention the THIRD cute bunny outfit from Grandmother I wore it too! And though our main focus was celebrating our sweet Jesus, I did get plenty spoiled with tons of fun gifts from all the grandparents too! Mommy and daddy joked that it looked like real bunnies had broken into our house and multiplied all over the place!

We had a yummy little lunch here at our house (mommy's first attempt at a holiday meal) with Gigi and Granddaddy Carlisle, Great-Grandmother Carlisle, Aunt Traci and Uncle Jim and a friend of daddy's from work. Though Gigi provided the ham and pies, mommy didn't do too bad with the rest of the meal. I liked it anyway!

Now the sad news...this is pretty pathetic, but an Easter egg hunt just didn't happen this year. Between all the visiting and my naps, we just plain ran out of time. Oh well, next year. Until then, I'm going to be practicing so I dominate the hunt next year! And as if that weren't bad enough, we didn't even get a family pic. My mommy is really losing it lately!

Here are some pics in my first Easter dress...thank you Karo! I LOVED all my Easter bunny treats from you guys :o)

And here we are after church with everyone. This was second beautiful Easter dress AND the cutie little bunny outfit too :o)