Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Recent Playdates and Lunchdates

I have had some really fun playdates and lunchdates lately! Actually, some of them weren't so recent, but I still wanted you to see the pictures :o). Mommy and I thank Jesus a lot for placing such wonderful friends in our lives and are so thankful for them! Glad we got to play :o)

Here's London - isn't she a cutie-pa-tootie!?! She kept calling for me to come play..."Emmy, where are you?" :o)

I LOVED just watching London...she is a big girl, you know. And I love big girls! Mommy says I will be thankful to have such neat gals to look up to at church :o)

Peeking at each other over the door

"Helping" London play some b-ball!

Lunch date with Julie, mommy's college roomie! I SO love her and even let her cuddle me...I don't just do that with anybody, you know :o)

I LOVE my "cousins" Mayce and Bryce! I try so hard to be just like them :o)

This day, we met at the mall for a little play time and I had so much fun!

And here I am at lunch with my Uncle Brad! We are lucky that he lives so close (at DBU) so we can see him more often :o) Love you Uncle Brad!

Good friends, good times! I know I forgot my camera for a few other playdates/lunchdates, but I love all of you guys too :o)