Tuesday, February 26, 2008


That's what I saw a ton of this weekend...water! Daddy left work a little early on Friday, picked me and Karo up and we headed down to Austin to the houseboat. I got to see everyone but Brad this time because he wasn't feeling too well (he's all better now!) We had a great time playing and visiting. Plus, my mommy got there on Saturday afternoon and I was pumped :o)! What a fun weekend! After all our traveling lately, I hope we take a break for a while!!!

All aboard! Captian Emmy is ready to go.

I guess I'll let Papa Rowe help out a little.

Watching all the water go by :o)

Me and Aunt Sarah watching Uncle Greg in his boat.

Gee daddy, can't a girl take a bath without everyone laughing?

Aunt Sarah and I singing. So pretty!

Happy birthday, Uncle Greg! We got to celebrate his birthday on Sunday...

...talk about a fun birthday present!!!