Wednesday, November 28, 2007

13 Months Old

Dear punky-pie,

Oh my, how I love you! This is such a fun age and I'm loving it! You are such a joyful little girl and I praise God for making you that way! I can't think of any other way I'd like to spend my days than with you. You are precious to me!

Here are thirteen things I love about you at 13-months:

1. You LOVE your daddy! It's so cute to watch your face light up whenever you see him and I love to watch you guys play together :o)

2. You are becoming more and more cuddly all the time! I love when you climb up into my lap and give me a kiss and when you rest your head on my shoulder when you are being bashful. Sweet girl!

3. I'm starting to see a real "girly" side of you. When we were picking out ornaments for your Christmas tree, you always gravitated toward the sparkly, fluffy and pink things!

4. I LOVE it when you sign "please" to get what you want. Makes it hard for me to say no!

5. You are a great eater! I'm always surprised when I give you things I think are weird and you just gobble them up. Thank you for making this part of parenting easy for mommy and daddy!

6. You have had a HUGE burst of language this month. You are understanding so much of what we say and are saying/signing a ton of words. You are constantly learning new words and love to repeat us. Some of my favorites words you say are: Bible, lovie ("addie"), Gigi, thank you, shoes!, bubbles, and mama of course!

7. We think you might think your bow is a body part :o)!

8. You like to act silly and make daddy and I laugh...I'm seeing a little performer in you!

9. You love to brush your teeth and it gives me the perfect opportunity to do your hair each morning as you brusha, brusha, brusha!

10. You are really starting to make your opinions known! We talk a lot about using "nice words" instead of yelling :o). This is where "please" has come in handy! Praise God for your determined personality!

11. Bless your heart, you have some "sensory issues" like your mama! You LOVE soft, fluffy textures like your lovie, stuffed animals, even the fluffy animals in your touch and feel books. Anytime you feel something with this texture, you immediately pop your two fingers in your mouth and rub the fluff on your cheek. Even your books. Looks pretty funny, but who am I to judge? I still like to rub certain textures myself. Silly!

12. I love your blonde hair! I always imagined you with dark hair before you were born, so it's so fun to have a blondy around. I do worry about the days when you want to start highlighting your hair because I have NO experience with that. We'll just have to call Aunt Sarah or mommy's blond friends to find out what to do :o)

13. I am SO proud that you started walking today!!! It is really SO fun to watch you learn things like this and my heart just swells with pride! Way to go, girl!

Thanks for making my life so full! I love you.