Monday, November 26, 2007

Bottomless Pit!

Take a good look...yep, that's my little bottomless pit!

Today I was just famished! Mommy had a hard time getting my little tummy full! By dinner time, she just couldn't believe how much I had eaten today! Maybe I'm going on a little growth spurt?

1/2 banana
3 mini pancakes
1/2 cup of cream of wheat
(still asking for "more please")
other 1/2 of the banana
(still asking for "more please")
1/2 nutragrain bar
mommy cut me off so I wouldn't puke

1/2 peanut butter sandwich
5-6 grapes
5-6 squares of cheese
1/2 cup of peas
(still asking for "more please")
few more peas
again, mommy cut me off

way too many goldfish
even more milk

1/2 of mommy's tilapia
a lot of her rice
a few bites of daddy's tilapia
and some of his rice
LOTS of peas and carrots
(still asking for "more please")
more peas and carrots

At this point, I'm about to bust so they cut me off for good!

30 minutes later, they put me in the tub...but we all know that what goes in, must come out. That's right. I did it. No shame, and I'm not even sorry. How did they expect to feed me all that, and not have some reprocussions?

Emmy 1, Parents 0.