Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Pearly AND Whitey!!!

My first two teeth broke through last week and we finally got a good shot of them. Having teeth sure does have it's advantages...I've already gotten to try some new crunchier foods AND they gave me this crazy contraption called a toothbrush to use everyday! We even sing a song while I brush (thanks for the tune, Mayce and Bryce)..."brusha brusha brusha, Emmy brushes her teethies"! Mommy and daddy have been so excited because growing these teeth hasn't bothered me in the least. In fact, they might not even have noticed them if mommy hadn't been giving me a bite of her lunch the other day and felt them :o) So, yay teeth! We're all thinking I'll be getting those uppers any day now too. Now, what will I name them?!?