Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Backtracking a bit...two weekends ago, we took a trip down to Houston to see daddy's family. What a fun bunch of folks...we had a good time. We got there in time to visit my favorite restaurant in Fulshear...Mr. Jimmy's. Daddy ate way too many 'skrimp' (I think he means shrimp) and then I went home to get some beauty sleep.

Saturday, all my great-grandparents on daddy's side drove up to visit us. We talked about recent events, politics, the weather, and other intriguing topics. Actually, we didn't talk at all...we just made faces at each other and they took turns holding me and kissing me. I love those folks! Karo also found a really fun game to play. She got a blanket and gave me rides around the dining room. Check this out! Who ever heard of such a thing? All my aunts and uncles came too so everyone was together for Saturday night when we met daddy's Aunt Linda and Uncle Mark (and their kids) for dinner. I spent some time talking to Aunt Sarah and Laura at the restaurant. Good girl time...

Sadly, we had to leave on Sunday to come home. Not to worry though. I got to see my Karo and Grandpa Rowe this past weekend too!

Thanks for a fun trip, Rowes.

Four generations of Stimsons

Four generations of Rowes

Riding the train with Karo!

I love my Grandpa Rowe!

Check out my new shades and shoes - Karo and Aunt Sarah got me tons of cute stuff!

Fun new game....faster, faster!

Me and Aunt Sarah - cute as buttons!

Me and Uncle Brad - BIG SMILES!

Playing with Aunt Gina and Uncle Greg!

Snoozin' with Uncle Greg :o)

Ooh, Gramma Rowe....pretty bracelet!

Me and DeeDah playing with the ball!

Banging on the table with PawPaw :o)

All the big kiddos and one little kiddo!

P.S. Sorry I was so late with this post. There was an unfortuante incident with the memory card from our camera (somehow ended up in my mouth) and we lost all our pictures from the weekend. Luckily, my Aunt Sarah took a bunch too and she shared these with us!