Sunday, September 09, 2007

My big day out!

Want to hear about my big day out??? Well, on Friday, my Karo and Grandpa Rowe came to take care of me while mommy was at a women's conference. It was a seriously fun day! After we got up, had breakfast, played around at the house and took a quick nap, we headed out.

Grandpa Rowe had a really fun idea...they would take me to make my very first Build a Bear. We had the best time! I got to pick out the one I wanted so I picked a little pink and white poodle. Even now, every time I look at that puppy I give a big "ooohhh" :o) Then I got to make a wish and kiss her little heart before they filled her up with stuffing. Oh, and that was really cool too! When they were all done, I was SO proud of my new puppy...I even got a birth certificate for her. I named her Dae after Tatum (who I call Day). Super fun!

This is going to be fun!

I want this little pink and white poodle

Putting the stuffing in my puppy.

Hand her over, lady!

Proud momma!

Then, we did some more fun stuff! Karo took me on my first carousel ride and I really loved it :o) After lunch, we ran a few errands including getting the car washed. Grandpa Rowe let me watch as the car got a bath and I was VERY interested! I took another nap and we played some more. When daddy got home from work, we went to eat at La Hacienda Ranch and I got to ride on the pony there. Big smiles!

Here we go...

Where is this thing going?

SO fun!

Look! The car is getting a bath!

Ride a little pony...

Ooohhh this is fun!

Thanks SO much for keeping me, Karo and Grandpa Rowe. I LOVED my big day out and mommy really appreciates you letting her go to the conference! Love you!